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APS Rate Case 2017

Published December 2017

 What the APS Rate Decision means

In 2017, APS reached a settlement on rate design that will have different impacts on different user groups.  Although rates will affect individuals differently, and additional changes may occur before final approval, some of the expected results of this settlement are described at this summary brief.

A brief sheet on UNS Electric's application for rate design change

Published June 2016
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Published June 2016

(Download full brief here)

The essentials:

  • UNS Electric, Inc., is a small utility serving approximately 93,000 ratepayers in Santa Cruz and Mohave Counties in Arizona.
  • The utility faces challenges in paying for fixed assets with a declining demand and a business model built on increasing energy consumption.
  • As a remedy, UNS is applying for a rate change focused on increasing the cost of electricity for small volume electricity users, especially those that may benefit from net-metering policies for distributed (primarily solar) generation.
  • Although the utility is small, the rate case is being closely watched, as it may be precedent setting for other utilities.