Arizona CPP Compliance Scenario Tool

Arizona CPP Compliance Scenario Tool (beta version 0.3, June 2015)

As part of our Clean Power Plan Initiative, ASU has developed a simple spreadsheet tool to help identify potential scenarios for Arizona that would meet the requirements of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. The spreadsheet was developed in Microsoft Excel and can be accessed from the links below. Each file contains an identical version of the tool with different input assumptions:

1. Business As Usual (xlsx): This is an approximation of Arizona's trajectory with no additional changes due to the CPP. It includes estimates of renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) based on existing policy, as well as planned retirements.

2. Example Scenario (xlsx): This provides an illustrative example of a scenario that meets compliance with the EPA’s proposal. It includes certain changes to the Business as Usual inputs such as additional RE, additional EE, reduced exports, and reduced output from remaining coal units.


  • This screening tool is not a complete analysis. It only identifies scenarios that are feasible from a compliance perspective and does not yet include any assessment of reliability or economic impacts.
  • This screening tool is not final. Improvements are incorporated over time as additional information and feedback is received. We welcome any comments and suggestions on ways to improve this analysis.
  • The screening tool is meant to be open source and help foster public discussion. It relies solely on publicly available data from the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Scenarios identified by the screening tool (including the “Example Scenario” provided) are for discussion purposes only and should not be interpreted as policy recommendations from ASU.

For questions, comments, or suggestions please contact Edward Burgess (